Little Leaves is excited to announce the opening of the Little Leaves Clinic in the Fall of 2017

What is the Little Leaves Clinic?

  • Intensive one-to-one ABA in a center based model
  • Same high-quality, individualized therapy for which Little Leaves is known
  • PLUS added opportunities for socialization and generalization

Who do we serve?

  • Young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, children from 2-6 years

Where can you find us? 

  • Our Clinic will open in Silver Spring, MD

When can children attend? 

  • Full day and part-day programs available, based on child’s clinical needs, starting in the Fall of 2017

Contact us for more information

By Phone: 202-420-8359

We will have more details to share soon. Send us a message to join our mailing list so you get the latest details.